Since 2004 Myrkvar storms the metal stages of the Netherlands and Belgium with their energetic Folk/Viking Metal. The characteristic sound is best described as a mix of folky 'humpah' followed by fast energetic guitar riffs with blasting drums. The fierce grunt and scream vocals are combined with clean vocals creating a firm folk sound. In numerous occasions the band joined the stage with bands like Turisas, Finntroll, Korpiklaani, Thyrfing, Manegarm, Heidevolk and many others.

In 2008 the band released their debut album 'Als Een Woeste Horde' (As a Fierce Horde) with the Belgian label Shiver Records. Many shows were played after that and in 2010 they began to write and compose the second album. This was going to be a 'concept album', with stories about the Ragnarok; the end of all times. For inspiration, the mystical tales of the Norwegian book The Edda were used.

In 2011 the basis of the album was recorded. In the end of 2011 cooperation began with sound technician Nico van Montfoort (known for his work with Heidevolk). In his XPS-Sound Studio in Nijmegen the violin and vocal parts where recorded and the mixing and mastering was done.

At the same time a lot of effort was put into the artwork of the album. The design was made by Erik Wijnands (known for his work with Carach Angren). At his studio in Venray the first photos were made and in the following months the CD-booklet got more and more dark forms.

Now, the new album 'As en Bloed' (Ashes and Blood) will predict the end of time...